How to double your website conversion rate?

Have you already spent a lot of money on advertising and developing a website to no avail? If yes, it is time to go for proven techniques to double your website conversion rate.

Here are the techniques which will help you in giving a tough fight to your competition and boosting your website conversion rate – 

  1. Build a sales funnel to ease conversion
  2. Optimize your website for mobile.
  3. Use a clear call to action.
  4. Keep your price transparent. 
  5. Reduce time of checkout process
  6. Provide Solid Navigation
  7. Highlight your BONUS 

Build a sales funnel to ease conversion

Sales funnel nothing but a pictorial representation of the buyer’s journey, starting with awareness and loyalty.

How do the sales funnel help to increase your conversion rate? : Smart work in website conversion rate

Sales funnel nothing but a pictorial representation of the buyer’s journey, starting with awareness and loyalty.

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In today’s digital marketing techniques, the sales funnel one of the best conversion strategies for business. If you want to persuade your customer to click on “Add to Cart,” then understand the sales funnel’s fundamentals.

There are four stages in the sales funnel.

sales funnel stages help to boost your conversion in website
  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

So, before deep diving in building a solid funnel, let’s understand each stage one by one. To double your website conversion rates, you must understand the audience behave before sending them for any call to action.


The awareness stage comes into the picture when someone gives attention to your business activity like your recent Facebook post or twit. Or may someone visit your website by Google Search and start knowing who you are and what you are offering?

Customers may be ready to buy while he or she visits your website. It is because clients did some R&D already.

The goal is that you have to hold the customer once he or she visits your website. In most cases, people use lead magnet through email marketing campaigns. The lead magnet may be different, considering your goal.

You can refer to some essential and popular terms for conversion rate optimization.

  • You can design a squeeze page with some discount on Future products or service
  • You can also provide a free demo
  • You can offer free eBooks
  • An open call/consultation is also great to start


Interest makes your business competitive. Yes! When someone takes an interest in your product or service, they start a comparison with other competitors. Moreover, people check social proof and other people’s experience with your product or service.

If you want to send your potential client to the checkout process, please help them with valuable content.

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Suppose your product or service provides a bunch of compelling and valuable content. In that case, you can accomplish your website’s desired conversion rate.


The purchase decision is the natural finish of the previous three phases. The potential client has decided They Have an Issue, researched their choices, determined which is Ideal for them, and they’re getting ready to pull their wallets out and credit card.


In the detailed underside of this earnings funnel, the purchaser behaves. He/she buys your service or product and turns into a portion of one’s organization’s ecosystem.

Only as a user reaches the website base does not mean that your job is finished. Action will be really for your user and also that the entrepreneurs. Now you Would like to Do What You Can to flip to make multiple purchase decisions by customers.

Use a clear call to action to increase your website conversion rate.

CTA (Call to action) is an essential element to optimize your website for better conversion. The best practice to create a CTA button is, give the name Order Now, Learn more instead of Buy Now.

Keep your price transparent.

Clients do not like any confusion or conflicts related to price or cost. So, for a reasonable conversion rate, be transparent with your clients. Provide brief details of the total price (Ex: Price +Tax).

Reduce time of checkout process

easy checkout process to good conversion rate in ecommerce website

According to various case studies, an easy checkout process helps to boost your conversion rate. So, maintain a minimum function to convert your customer. For example, send your customer for checkout once they click on the Add to cart button.

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Provide Solid Navigation

Navigation is an essential and primary web design element for any website. If you are looking for more sales by website, then provide better navigation to users. To accomplish this, you can provide relevant information at a single click. Make sure that your Home Page is available on a minimum of 2 clicks. If a user can’t return to the home page on two clicks, redesign your website.

Highlight your BONUS

bonus in sales funnel template of sidhharth rajshekar a digital couch and marketer

If you are rewarding your clients with BONUS, then highlight all details so that anyone can see what they are getting FREE.

Optimize your website for mobile conversions

Suppose you don’t optimize your website for mobile, In that case, users might face navigation issues, and they will skip your platform like there is no tomorrow. Make sure that no matter what the screen size is, your website delivers the best user experience.

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